Definition of geniculate in English:



  • Bent at a sharp angle.

    • ‘The corpus profile is weakly concavoconvex and there are short trails, the dorsal being strongly geniculate.’
    • ‘Further, the blood flow was of benefit to the knee through the geniculate arteries.’
    • ‘This species differs from B. variabilis in the absence of a strongly recurved element with a flaring base and the lack of a geniculate element in the apparatus.’
    • ‘Change that does occur in the tabularium of geniculate corals is limited to the tabulae themselves; at the bends tabulae are more complete and widely spaced than those above or below.’
    • ‘Individuals were classified as adults when males developed geniculate right antennules, and when females developed large wing-like processes on the posterior end of their prosomes.’


Mid 17th century from Latin geniculatus, from geniculum ‘small knee, joint (of a plant)’.