Main definitions of genoa in English

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(also genoa jib)
  • A large jib or foresail whose foot extends aft of the mast, used especially on racing yachts.

    ‘The Swan 36 comes with a fully battened mainsail and roller furling genoa as standard equipment.’
    • ‘I have seen others opt for a cutter-type arrangement leaving the small jib and adding a genoa.’
    • ‘You will not win any popularity contests in your anchorage when (not if) the genoa unfurls in the middle of a storm.’
    • ‘Some have added an overlapping genoa to help in this regard, but these are not allowed by one-design racing rules which limit the sail inventory.’
    • ‘The fear was put into perspective by one crew member who believed when he heard the flapping of the genoa caused by the halyard coming away that there was a helicopter overhead to rescue us.’



/ˈjenˌōə/ /ˈdʒɛnˌoʊə/

Main definitions of Genoa in English

: genoa1Genoa2


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proper noun

  • A seaport on the northwestern coast of Italy, capital of Liguria region; population 611,171 (2008). It was the birthplace of Christopher Columbus.

    Italian name Genova



/ˈjenˌōə/ /ˈdʒɛnˌoʊə/