Definition of genoise in English:


Pronunciation /ZHəˈnwäz/ /ʒəˈnwɑz/


  • A sponge cake with melted butter incorporated into the batter.

    ‘the genoise au chocolat paired moist cake layers with a truffle-like filling’
    • ‘The recipe is from a Japanese dessert book, and it is made in a shape of a log of chestnut mousse covered with genoise, and coated with creme chantilly.’
    • ‘The baked genoise can be stored in the freezer for 2 to 3 weeks if well wrapped in plastic wrap.’
    • ‘It's also very important to sufficiently butter and flour the sides of the cake pan and put down a parchment paper lining on the bottom so that the genoise can be unmolded.’
    • ‘The skewer will come out clean when the genoise is done.’
    • ‘He will teach you the basic French doughs such as puff pastry, pâte sable, sweet dough and pâte brisée, and sponges such as biscuits, genoises and dacquoise.’



/ZHəˈnwäz/ /ʒəˈnwɑz/