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  • 1Biology
    The haploid set of chromosomes in a gamete or microorganism, or in each cell of a multicellular organism.

    ‘The two haploid genomes of the two gametes are then combined to constitute a new individual.’
    • ‘No suppressor mutations were isolated from a screen of 104,000 haploid genomes.’
    • ‘The gymnosperms are characterized by large genomes and relatively low chromosome numbers; polyploidy is rare.’
    • ‘Throughout this article we assume no heteroplasmy of organelle genomes in gametes.’
    • ‘However, large chromosome blocks showed good colinearity between the two genomes.’
    1. 1.1The complete set of genes or genetic material present in a cell or organism.
      ‘The process is repeated using every gene within every genome as the starting gene.’
      • ‘There are four types of changes that may affect the order of the genes on the bacterial genome.’
      • ‘This number can be compared with the 40,000 genes thought to be present in the human genome.’
      • ‘The genomes of mammals include genes that have been duplicated throughout evolutionary history.’
      • ‘While HIV is good at adding genes to cells' genomes, it does not target lung epithelial cells.’



/ˈjēˌnōm/ /ˈdʒiˌnoʊm/


1920s blend of gene and chromosome.