Definition of genteelly in English:



See genteel

  • ‘There's a certain humor in Wilson constructing a life for himself that genteelly avoids every topic that fills his own book with interest.’
  • ‘Every afternoon from 4 to 5, we found ourselves on the inn's porch with a dozen or so other guests, genteelly sipping iced tea in our rocking chairs as the afternoon breeze cooled our new sunburns.’
  • ‘She started a little pile of items for my later perusal, which she genteelly labeled ‘miscellaneous.’’
  • ‘Sometimes I do wish I could be a bit more like her and manage to garden genteelly in tweeds and pearls rather than a baggy tee-shirt and joggers.’
  • ‘And as we stroll through the complex, she genteelly answers the reverent greetings of neighbors in one breath, then heaps scorn on the public housing authority in the next.’