Definition of geodesy in English:



  • The branch of mathematics dealing with the shape and area of the earth or large portions of it.

    ‘He set up a new curriculum for applied mathematics at the university which spread over six semesters and included applications of mathematics to astronomy, geodesy and technology.’
    • ‘In the field of geodesy, however, Eratosthenes will always be remembered for his measurements of the Earth.’
    • ‘He proposed the method of triangulation and this work is the foundation of geodesy.’
    • ‘While Laplace and Gauss contributed to the physical sciences such as astronomy and geodesy, Fisher used his mathematical gifts to till the fertile ground of biology.’
    • ‘Even the most imaginative pioneers did not foresee the real impact of GPS on many fields of professional life, in particular my field, geodesy and surveying.’



/jēˈädəsē/ /dʒiˈɑdəsi/


Late 16th century from modern Latin geodaesia, from Greek geōdaisia, from gē ‘earth’ + daiein ‘divide’.