Definition of geoengineering in English:


Pronunciation /ˌjēōenjəˈniriNG/ /ˌdʒioʊɛndʒəˈnɪrɪŋ/

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  • The deliberate large-scale manipulation of an environmental process that affects the earth's climate, in an attempt to counteract the effects of global warming.

    ‘Nevertheless, in the mid-nineties, valiant attempts were made to give geoengineering a good name.’
    • ‘Our knowledge of climate is not yet sufficiently advanced to undertake real planetary geoengineering.’
    • ‘Leading climate scientist Stephen Schneider is strongly suspicious of what he calls 'geoengineering '.’
    • ‘He goes on to call geoengineering ' planetary methadone ', with dangerous potential side-effects.’
    • ‘One reason for the successful conspiracy of silence may well be the still unresolved status of geoengineering under international law.’
    • ‘A controversial report by the National Academy of Sciences in 1992 looked at iron fertilization, among other geoengineering options.’
    • ‘This is an area where I think geoengineering has to be part of the debate.’
    • ‘Some rational people open to geoengineering (me) are worried by the fact that sulfates can't address ocean acidification.’
    • ‘Their silence, to look at its positive aspect, possibly reflects a refusal to be associated with the task of making geoengineering look respectable.’
    • ‘Wallace Broecker, a pioneer of geoengineering at Columbia University, could not find an outlet to publish his research papers in the 1980 s.’
    • ‘The risk of unintended detrimental effects is inherently high because most geoengineering proposals are planetary in scale.’
    • ‘It surprises me that economists do not give more credence to the idea of unintended consequences of geoengineering.’
    • ‘The big environmental NGOs such as Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth or WWF do not try to glamorise or otherwise promote geoengineering.’
    • ‘Now, scientists could have dreamed up the most ambitious geoengineering plan to deal with climate change yet: converting the parched Sahara desert to a lush forest.’
    • ‘By relying on technological innovation and development, geoengineering would increase the role of private actors relative to that of government.’
    • ‘When you think of geoengineering as interfering in a spontaneously organized and self-regulating system, it sounds a lot like interfering in a free market.’
    • ‘As for geoengineering itself, of course we should be looking at it - we need to be looking at everything.’
    • ‘In addition, he proposes a geoengineering solution that we must hope for, because no current geoengineering techniques allow us to simply comb the atmosphere and remove carbon.’
    • ‘The wholehearted public embrace of geoengineering advocated by Benford, Michaelson and others in the nineties has not happened.’
    • ‘Why is it that so many people who consider geoengineering despite all the open issues and question marks - do not consider other solutions?’