Definition of geofencing in English:



  • The use of GPS or RFID technology to create a virtual geographic boundary, enabling software to trigger a response when a mobile device enters or leaves a particular area.

    ‘geofencing turns the lights off when you leave and on when you get home’
    • ‘kids are savvy enough to get around geofencing of the school grounds’
    • ‘The technology can also be used for ad-hoc geofencing - monitoring pets' movements the same way FedEx tracks parcels in its long, complex delivery chain.’
    • ‘This app has now been updated for iOS 6, and can use geofencing to alert you when a friend arrives at or departs from a chosen location.’
    • ‘The app uses your phone for geofencing, so if you leave home and forget to close your garage door or lock up, your watch will let you know.’
    • ‘The company responded to the complaints in Chicago by shutting down access to the app across the entire city for several days with so-called geofencing.’
    • ‘Geofencing can also be used to make sure a person is actually in the surroundings where he / she is supposed to be.’
    • ‘Targeting tactics such as geo-fencing and device profiling demonstrate the many ways location data can help marketers connect with consumers.’
    • ‘"With geo-fencing you create a virtual fence around the vehicle," the detective said.’
    • ‘To this point, most retailers have used geo-fencing to target specific ads to people within a certain radius of their store.’
    • ‘The use of geo-fencing as a strategy can help banks and retailers push context-aware and segmented offers to consumers.’
    • ‘A geo-fencing feature allows you to set a perimeter around your yard.’



/ˈjēōˌfensiNG/ /ˈdʒioʊˌfɛnsɪŋ/