Definition of geolocation in English:


Pronunciation /ˌjēōlōˈkāSHən/ /ˌdʒioʊloʊˈkeɪʃən/


  • The process or technique of identifying the geographical location of a person or device by means of digital information processed via the internet.

    ‘You won't be able to control who sees your location with Twitter geolocation.’
    • ‘Far from splitting the Web, geolocation's proponents say, the technology makes the Internet more meaningful to a global audience.’
    • ‘Geolocation is expected to be an important theme of the South by Southwest conference in Austin, Texas, which starts tomorrow.’
    • ‘Use geolocation to find a job near your real-time location.’
    • ‘Geolocation is also used by companies to direct users to local content seamlessly, particularly companies with global Web sites.’
    • ‘Advocates counter the privacy concerns by arguing that geolocation alone cannot identify specific users.’
    • ‘Another big question about geolocation is, "Who cares?"’
    • ‘This geolocation is usually based on the IP address provided by your ISP.’
    • ‘Otherwise, lots of websites try to guess where you live using techniques known as geolocation.’
    • ‘The IP address is recorded and the geolocation inferred from the IP address is stored in the database.’
    • ‘However, when Twitter geolocation is launched, the feature will be disabled by default.’
    • ‘The time-of-arrival identified for the line-of-sight component of the incoming signal at a plurality of locations can then be processed to determine the geolocation of the wireless terminal.’
    • ‘Google, which already had redirected foreign visitors to country-specific homepages, expanded geolocation in April to let merchants target ads by city or distance from a given address.’
    • ‘Regardless of the concerns, as the mobile internet continues to grow, so geolocation will grow with it.’
    • ‘In a nutshell, geolocation analyzes the user's IP address (the number associated with your computer) to guesstimate where the user is accessing the Internet.’
    • ‘What's interesting is that IP addresses are generally assigned by country, and there are databases of IP addresses versus geolocation.’
    • ‘It is used for statistical and environmental analysis, market survey, banking, geolocation, and other versions.’
    • ‘Regardless of privacy concerns (which I'll look at later in this article), it looks as though nothing will stop geolocation.’
    • ‘Or completely different services could be included, like podcasts, to-do lists, geolocation, and web conferences.’
    • ‘Actually, geolocation on the Net has been around since the early '90s.’