Definition of get (or be given) a guernsey in English:

get (or be given) a guernsey


  • 1Australian informal Be selected for a football team.

    ‘Are any players from the pre-existing teams in this League trying to get a guernsey in this new tele-team?’
    ‘You've gotta have a go in the future, I'm aiming towards [the 2004 Olympic Games in] Athens and I'd love to get a guernsey and shoot in [the 2006 Commonwealth Games in] Melbourne.’
    be selected, be chosen, be picked, make the grade
    1. 1.1Gain recognition or approval.
      • ‘The news brigade were mostly old newspaper men, few women got a guernsey then, who distrusted radio techniques and thought the tape recorder was an instrument of the devil.’
      • ‘Orwell's 1984 predictably got a guernsey, and Animal Farm also apparently figured in the top 100.’
      • ‘Let's face it: many kids after reaching double-digit birthdays don't read a lot for pleasure and are more interested in television, computer games and physical activities, although information books get a guernsey.’
      • ‘Of my own first five favourites, three - Mozart, Purcell and Vivaldi - got into the top 30, the other two - William Byrd and Arvo Part - didn't get a guernsey at all.’
      • ‘Well when they talk about the four critical labour market challenges facing Australia today, joblessness doesn't get a guernsey.’
      • ‘Yet whenever Parkinson writes about the UN oil-for-food program this fact never seems to get a guernsey.’
      • ‘In the land of the ‘fair go’ character assassination just does not get a guernsey.’
      • ‘Why didn't they get a guernsey to write a song about the historic event that happened in their hometown?’
      • ‘Mr Kevin and his agenda get a guernsey most weeks.’
      • ‘The AFP will give evidence next month, and you can bet Smith and a few other Navy witnesses will get a guernsey too.’