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get ahead

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phrasal verb

  • Become successful in one's life or career.

    ‘I want to get ahead in my career’
    • ‘Rumor has it she resorted using the charms to get ahead in both her career and her love life.’
    • ‘Have you dedicated the last ten years to getting ahead in your career and the rewards that come with that?’
    • ‘All women need to get ahead and be successful is their own determination!’
    • ‘It identifies those most likely to get ahead and to be more successful in their working careers.’
    • ‘One in four parents believe that a good education is essential in getting ahead in life.’
    • ‘People are working weekends; they're working two jobs, three jobs, and they're still not getting ahead.’
    • ‘Two news stories on the same day: One tells about a group of Americans falling behind, the other about a group getting ahead.’
    • ‘Older people would entrench themselves in their positions, while juniors would fester with no real hope of getting ahead.’
    • ‘Everyone I know or knew growing up seems to be fixated on getting ahead faster, graduating earlier and making more money speedily.’
    • ‘The interrelationships among colleagues became clouded with behaviors aimed at getting ahead at any price.’
    prosper, flourish, thrive, do well, get on well
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