Definition of get along in English:

get along

phrasal verb

  • 1Have a harmonious or friendly relationship.

    ‘they seem to get along pretty well’
    be friendly, be on friendly terms, be in harmony, be compatible, get on, feel a rapport
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  • 2Manage to live or survive.

    ‘don't worry, we'll get along without you’
    • ‘As they scramble from one temporary residence to another, they manage to get along, and in the process fall in love.’
    • ‘She was more worried about him getting along in the ‘real world’.’
    • ‘The churches should, in fact, be avoiding triumphalistic claims about how well they have managed things and/or how poorly everyone else is getting along.’
    • ‘People were always asking me how I lived, but one never knows, one gets along… Certain people helped me.’
    • ‘Despite a killer idea, Magna could not seem to get along, even with the seemingly competent Bren as project manager.’
    • ‘Close to home, Ontario farmers are fed up with going along to get along.’
    • ‘You know how in some jobs you can coast through the ups and downs and just kind of go along to get along?’
    • ‘She got along fine in her other courses, only sometimes she worried just how ‘fine’ is good enough for universities over in Ontario.’
    • ‘His best friend and golf partner had gone with him, so they didn't have to worry about how he was getting along.’
    • ‘So far nearly a month and a half had passed since the accident and despite her worries, Tony and Savana were getting along very well.’
    fare, manage, progress, advance, get on, do, cope, survive, muddle along, muddle through
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    1. 2.1British informal in imperative Used to express scepticism or disbelief or to tell someone to go away.
      ‘oh, get along with you!’