Definition of get-go in English:


(also git-go)


informal North American
  • The very beginning.

    • ‘Lawrence knew from the get-go that he could count on me to tell him the truth’
    • ‘In most cases, it's best just to turn off the comment feature from the get-go.’
    • ‘From the get-go, we thought it was important to have fun around here.’
    • ‘It's an important, serious broadcast that has broken stories from the get-go, and will continue to do so.’
    • ‘We were planning on having kids from the very get-go, but we decided to wait until we were financially secure enough.’
    • ‘He has said from the get-go that he doesn't think that words move markets.’
    • ‘Our components quit, break rather easily, or are often faulty from the get-go.’
    • ‘They said at the get-go that this piece of plastic was collected around the time when bodies washed up.’
    • ‘We've had a right to go into courtrooms in this country since the get-go, 200 years ago.’
    • ‘Running in confined tunnels as they do, subways had to be all-electric from the get-go.’
    • ‘At the get-go, so many people just could not believe Kobe Bryant was charged with such a thing.’
    • ‘When you see a movie that looks this good from the get-go, you just know you're in for a terrific time.’
    • ‘On the follow-up, it just sounds perfect from the get-go.’
    • ‘Though this has a similar sound to his previous incarnations, from the get-go there are some very noticeable differences.’
    • ‘But all we really see is that the couple was doomed from the get-go.’
    • ‘Evidently designed and written to be watched back to back, the two movies come off as being parts of a whole, and as such the pacing of this final part is shot from the get-go.’
    • ‘Politics and levels of productivity aside, it is this setting that has seduced cafe goers from the get-go.’
    • ‘First, there is no break-in required; the gun runs perfectly right from the get-go.’
    • ‘Nature's packages are designed from the get-go to return to natural cycles.’
    • ‘This will never be an album that overcomes you from the get-go.’
    • ‘From the get-go, this five-tracker leaves you wanting a taste of more.’