Definition of get it on in English:

get it on


  • Have sex.

    • ‘Looking around, I started to get bored and started thinking about getting it on with my girlfriend the night before.’
    • ‘Instead, he wore the $5,000 watch that she gave him around town and told everyone that he is getting it on with her.’
    • ‘You're supposed to be saving lives not getting it on with your roommate.’
    • ‘You know, there is a lot more to the camp than getting it on with girls.’
    • ‘When people come in with tragedies about how they aren't getting it on with their lady, he stays cool.’
    • ‘It's not just that you want to get it on, you want to satisfy an emotional need for intimacy.’
    • ‘Guess what Kim; Ritchie got it on with your mate Abby!’
    • ‘Slater was famously at the same strip club as the actor, when he allegedly got it on with a couple of strippers.’
    • ‘People will either find the film endearing and moving or dismiss it as a sappy mess about a couple of old goats getting it on.’
    • ‘He mentioned to me a while back about us three fooling around but we never got it on.’