Definition of get one's claws into in English:

get one's claws into


  • Enter into a possessive relationship with.

    • ‘she's already got her claws into the handyman’
    • ‘Most of the girls in the class looked as if they planned to get their claws into him already.’
    • ‘How do you manage to get your claws into all the good ones?’
    • ‘There's no point in telling a jaded, modern reader a story about something that happened 1,600 years ago unless you can give them enough detail so that the reader can get their claws into it and feel it and smell it and taste it.’
    • ‘For years the supermarket giants have been looking to get their claws into the pharmacy market as they have slowly picked off the rest of the High Street.’
    • ‘Why on earth does it matter which female manages to get her claws into him?’
    • ‘She's got her claws into guys on the sub-committee, so whatever story I come up with has to sound close to what we're really doing.’
    • ‘Once she's got her claws into a man he's usually putty in her hands.’
    • ‘That's Sam out there, and she's got her claws into him.’
    • ‘Yeah, and don't think you're getting your claws into my man either.’
    • ‘Girl, if you don't get your claws into him soon, someone else will.’