Definition of get sick in English:

get sick


  • 1Be ill.

    • ‘We've breakfasted on Smarties at 5.30 am, lunched on chips and Coke at IIam and then, starved for ‘real’ food, gone out to a nearby farm to pick cherries until we all got sick.’
    • ‘My dad got sick very early, when I was a youngster, and I was very confused.’
    • ‘But eventually, people there got sick and died too.’
    • ‘There was stress-induced frustration and extra guilt when the children got sick and the arguments started about whose turn it was to take the day off work.’
    • ‘There are a lot of costs for the couple, who are already financially stretched with a mortgage, a car loan, and with Anita having had to give up her job as Craig got sick more often.’
    • ‘My kids got sick because the city was incredibly polluted.’
    • ‘The rats got sick in 1346 and half of the 20-million people died between 1346 and 1351.’
    • ‘In other words, they got sick and died up to three years sooner than other HIV men surveyed over a 10-year period.’
    • ‘Is have a nice photo from before he got sick - it's how I like to remember him.’
    • ‘I haven't been on the pill since mum got sick for the second time, so I've been self-regulating for coming up three years.’
  • 2North American Vomit.