Definition of get started in English:

get started


  • Begin a task, endeavour, or process.

    ‘for an art gallery owner, Naples was a good place to get started’
    • ‘You can go the other way round and just get started doing computer animation.’
    • ‘There are some interesting experiments of start-up business incubators that have been designed to help new small businesses get started.’
    • ‘She suggests that aspiring entrepreneurs consider this seven-step guide to get started.’
    • ‘Organizers have already been criticized for getting started too late on stadium construction and other preparations.’
    • ‘If we're content to stick with the status quo and not search for alternatives, new products and ways of doing business will have a difficult time getting started.’
    • ‘If you do want to just get started quickly, simply create a text file.’
    • ‘The easiest way to ruin a web development project is to get started before you are ready.’
    • ‘The trail features online activities to show people how to get started in exploring local history.’
    • ‘Before the class began we sat on the floor and talked about how she got started.’
    • ‘There's an attempt to encourage more people to pursue science as a career, with more scholarships and the possibility of 5-year career establishment grants to help new researchers get started.’