Definition of get under someone's skin in English:

get under someone's skin


  • 1Annoy or irritate someone intensely.

    ‘it was the sheer effrontery of them that got under my skin’
    • ‘What's most annoying is that it seems to get under your skin - not irritating like a rash, more like an itch that needs to be scratched.’
    • ‘What gets under our skin, aggravates, infuriates, frustrates and makes us hate is of the same seed that also begets love and divine revelation.’
    • ‘Ugh, someone here is getting under my skin, really starting to annoy me, and I can't put my figure on why/how exactly.’
    • ‘She would never let them manage to anger her or get under her skin.’
    • ‘This rich kid was getting under my skin, but the free ride out of town in a jiffy was what I was after.’
    • ‘Casey tries not to let such negativity bother him, but it gets under his skin nonetheless.’
    irritate, annoy, gall, irk, get someone's back up, put someone's back up, pique, rankle with, nettle, needle, bother, vex, provoke, displease, upset, offend, affront, anger, exasperate, disgruntle, ruffle, get on someone's nerves, ruffle someone's feathers, make someone's hackles rise, raise someone's hackles, rub up the wrong way
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  • 2Fill someone's mind in a compelling and persistent way.

    ‘he had managed to get under my skin—I couldn't wait to be with him’
    • ‘It gets under your skin and opens up a space that is filled by sadness and silence.’
    • ‘His intensely intimate music gets under your skin rather than grabbing you by the lapels.’
    • ‘We wanted to make a movie that slowly got under your skin, that was about building, inescapable dread.’
    • ‘Albert's Sam is a study in understatement, slowly but surely getting under Izzy 's skin.’
    • ‘Who were the other writers who got under your skin?’
    • ‘We didn't know what it was, but it got under your skin; it was a very hip, gospel, Latin sound.’
    • ‘Then I did a little play and quite liked that and it got under my skin.’
    • ‘I've never warmed to Bowie, which is the same as saying: Bowie never really chilled me, got under my skin, possessed me…’
    • ‘In twice finding myself in the thick of efforts to save it from closure, the club has really got under my skin.’
    • ‘Some songs get under your skin and refuse to move.’
    obsess, intrigue, captivate, interest greatly, charm
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  • 3Reach or display a deep understanding of someone.

    ‘movies that get under the skin of our national character’
    • ‘He changed his ways many years ago because a good, decent woman got under his skin and made him understand what love was all about.’
    • ‘Then he comes in contact with a woman who gets under his skin.’
    • ‘I know it's a cliche but I thought the author really managed to get under Clara 's skin in a way which made us empathise with her.’
    • ‘And yes, you guys did manage to get under my skin.’