Definition of get wind of in English:

get wind of

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  • Begin to suspect that (something) is happening; hear a rumor of.

    • ‘Marty got wind of a plot being hatched’
    • ‘We can't say anything yet, otherwise the suspects will get wind of what we're doing.’
    • ‘The only fall-out of this episode was that the management, also having got wind of the rumour, quickly embedded the canvas in an ugly plastic case.’
    • ‘Jane was the best person to confide in but I knew once she got wind of what happened on New Year's Eve she'd be scheming again.’
    • ‘When I got wind of what happened, I quit my job and drove the 900 miles from New Orleans to Key West in one go.’
    • ‘The extras got wind of what was going on, and they started to revolt.’
    • ‘He shows up at pretty much any event his office gets wind of.’
    • ‘The warring factions got wind of what he was going to do.’
    • ‘It would be risky; if he got wind of what she was up to, that would be it for her.’
    • ‘A lot of people don't advertise it - it's not something you want teachers and people to get wind of.’
    • ‘I just happened to get wind of this discussion while surfing the Web.’
    hear about, hear of, learn of, find out about, become aware of, be made aware of, be told about, be informed of, hear tell of, have brought to one's notice
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