Definition of getter in English:



  • 1in combination A person or thing that gets a specified desirable thing.

    ‘an attention-getter’
    • ‘a vote-getter’
    • ‘The record-breaking knock saw him become the highest run getter for India.TI’
    • ‘And whoever got 15 or 20 and was the high vote getter would become the governor of California.’
    • ‘Jack finished that 1997 ride in sixth place and established himself as a regular top 10 place getter in the years following.’
    • ‘He is the top point getter among rearguards in the play-offs.’
    • ‘This provocative attention getter became known as the batty rider.’
    • ‘After bursting onto the senior intercounty scene with a reputation as a serious score getter, the well has dried.’
    • ‘At age of 29, this master blaster is climbing towards the throne of highest run getter.’
    • ‘I wonder how many athletes who have constantly run second expect the first place getter to be taken out of the race so that they can win!’
    • ‘The first place getter will receive just under $US18,000.’
    • ‘The opening of your column was an effective attention getter.’
    • ‘Every week the audience votes, and the lowest vote getter leaves, until, by the final show, only one contestant remains standing.’
    • ‘Dressing your child up in theme clothing is a guaranteed attention getter.’
    • ‘I actually think he quite likes being United's sole goal getter, it makes him feel good.’
    • ‘Olga started to get bookings from other specialty food stores as a guest chef and attention getter to increase their business.’
    • ‘This anticipated personal vote of up to 14,000, up from the 10,000 he polled in 1997, will make him one of the largest vote getters in the country.’
    • ‘A runoff is to take place between the two top vote getters as no candidate gained more than 50 percent of the votes, needed to secure an electoral victory.’
    • ‘Its color is an attention getter for sure, especially when combined with a diamond or other metal, such as gold.’
    • ‘In motor racing finishing positions determine the winners and place getters, while in speed events lap times determine the outcome.’
    • ‘The following are the final four place getters.’
    • ‘While they may be a motley crew, they are also among the top vote getters in the country.’
  • 2Electronics Physics
    A substance used to remove residual gas from a vacuum tube, or impurities or defects from a semiconductor crystal.

    • ‘Ar was cleaned with Zr-Ti getters.’



/ˈɡedər/ /ˈɡɛdər/