Definition of getup in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɡedəp/ /ˈɡɛdəp/

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  • A style or arrangement of dress, especially an elaborate or unusual one.

    • ‘she looks ridiculous in that getup’
    • ‘In a circle of thirty women, you will not see two hairstyles, two dresses, two get-ups that resemble each other.’
    • ‘And as I dried myself off, getting dressed in the same get-up as I had worn in the dream, I just couldn't wait to tell Sasha about my plan of action.’
    • ‘Accessories have to fit right, blend with your style and personality, and match properly with the rest of your get-up.’
    • ‘A modest, nonattention-getting outfit beats a flashy get-up every time.’
    • ‘He usually appears in a three-piece tweed suit, a starched white shirt, a bowtie, and bookish glasses - a get-up that, like his artwork, would be easy to mock if it didn't mock itself.’
    • ‘They smell of fabric softener but have perfect little Goth get-ups - angry black t-shirts, leather collars, safety pins & black lips.’
    • ‘What struck me about his get-up was that he was wearing boots.’
    • ‘This get-up doesn't necessarily require a belt, but you can wear it with a cool canvas belt and matching sneakers.’
    • ‘He knew the get-up, the drill, the movement, and the swagger.’
    • ‘They're a Japanese foursome who play real stony, acidy, '70s-style guitar rock, complete with psychedelic period get-ups.’
    • ‘Don't forget: we all need places to wear our funky get-ups to.’
    • ‘He has been seen in everything from platinum blonde wigs to furry pant get-ups and says that each look truly reflects who he is.’
    • ‘Men wearing strange get-ups were standing before them holding automatic guns.’
    • ‘Jim's wife Sue is dressing as a sailor and regulars are popping in wearing various get-ups that were all the rage during the Second World War.’
    • ‘Can you at least tell me what's with the get-up?’
    • ‘What other surprises happened today, other than your get-up?’
    • ‘He said the get-up is part practical, part legacy.’
    • ‘She knew that guy, the looks, the get-up and the hairstyle.’
    • ‘Somehow, he managed not to look garish in the frightful get-up.’
    • ‘I'm sure a lot of thought was put into his get-up.’
    outfit, clothes, costume, ensemble, suit, clothing, dress, attire, garments, garb, turnout, rig, uniform, livery, array, regalia, robes, finery