Definition of ghost town in English:

ghost town


  • A deserted town with few or no remaining inhabitants.

    ‘it's like a ghost town at weekends’
    • ‘Wake up Bolton Council and listen to the town's inhabitants before the town centre becomes a ghost town.’
    • ‘The church has only one service a week, on a Wednesday not a Sunday, which sounds odd until you realise that most of the City is a ghost town at the weekend.’
    • ‘Those workers losing their livelihoods turned that town into a ghost town.’
    • ‘One couple living in the cul-de-sac said it was normally like a ghost town at the weekends, that many of the houses were rented and most people cleared off home.’
    • ‘During the first few days of curfew, the city looked like a ghost town, the population holed up under collective house arrest.’
    • ‘If parking charges did deter shoppers from town centres, then Manchester city centre would be a ghost town.’
    • ‘If something isn't done soon, more shops will close, Kendal town centre will die and the place will become a ghost town.’
    • ‘It's Christmas Eve and the little town of Bethlehem, birthplace of Christ, resembles a ghost town.’
    • ‘Our town is turning into a ghost town and people are still fighting over power.’
    • ‘My neighborhood was a ghost town, with papers and loose garbage rolling along the empty street.’
    • ‘But the city, which has been pretty much a ghost town for the last couple of days, is beginning to fill up.’
    • ‘Streets devoid of any sign of human life had been taken over by swirling rubbish, rolling through city centres like tumbleweed in an old ghost town.’
    • ‘The city centre has been a ghost town and all the talk by local traders is of a ‘dead week’ where many shut up shop early in the face of empty tills.’
    • ‘Hundreds of Maltese commute into the capital which strangely becomes something of a ghost town at night, once all the shops have shut.’
    • ‘The school has closed and finally the long popular hotel was closed and the village seemed destined to become a ghost town.’
    • ‘As the trucks and buses rolled out, the village took on the appearance of a ghost town, with only a few stray dogs roaming the empty streets.’
    • ‘After this period, outsiders ventured into the village anticipating nothing but a ghost town.’
    • ‘The city thronging with life an hour earlier has become a ghost town.’
    • ‘Local artists have been drafted in to transform the bottom end of the city which is fast becoming a ghost town as shops shut down.’
    • ‘This area has really gone down, it is like a ghost town.’


ghost town