Definition of gigaflop in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɡiɡəˌfläp/ /ˈɡɪɡəˌflɑp/

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  • A unit of computing speed equal to one billion floating-point operations per second.

    ‘the Cray supercomputer's goal was 16 gigaflops’
    • ‘several gigaflop computers are now being designed’
    • ‘All it means is that the source of competitive advantage from technology is not in terabytes or gigaflops any more.’
    • ‘That's a 720 gigaflop micro-supercomputer that costs less than $9,000, can fit on a bookshelf, and can be up and running in as little time as it takes to connect the network cables.’
    • ‘He said the latest terascale supercomputing system has several hundred gigaflops of sustained power on internationally accepted benchmarks and storage of over 10 terabytes.’
    • ‘It also lets you stack 42 high-performance units in an industry-standard 8-foot-tall rack with up to 630 gigaflops of processing power.’
    • ‘One looked especially juicy, compressed to just under a gigaflop and backed up in three separate locations.’


1970s back-formation from gigaflops(see giga-, -flop).