Definition of gigantesque in English:


Pronunciation /ˌjīɡənˈtesk/ /ˌdʒaɪɡənˈtɛsk/ /jīˈɡanˌtesk/ /dʒaɪˈɡænˌtɛsk/

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  • Like or appropriate to a giant.

    ‘these figures, gigantesque and caricatured, haunted my dreams’
    • ‘a gigantesque feat’
    • ‘A scaly lizard-like creature with gigantesque leathery bat-like wings and, scaly, ridged skin, with an abnormal and slightly captivating black luster.’
    • ‘This year the colourful event shirt features a clown and will be on sale in all sizes from the tiniest to the gigantesque.’


Early 19th century from French, from Italian gigantesco, from Greek gigas, gigant- (see giant).