Definition of gird one's loins in English:

gird one's loins


(also gird up one's loins)
  • Prepare oneself for something difficult or challenging.

    ‘members of parliament are girding their loins for an election campaign’
    • ‘You get more tired and less able to take the stress and to gird your loins and take on another day.’
    • ‘He calls on ‘progressives’ everywhere to gird their loins for a battle for humanity.’
    • ‘I think she should have told him and let the family gird their loins against it.’
    • ‘This, then, is the time when we should be taking our last quiet pleasures whilst we gird our loins for the coming assault.’
    • ‘Meantime, it is essential that we do gird our loins and fight this latest takeover of our right to farm.’
    • ‘Quite how I am going to gird my loins to restart studying in October, I am not sure.’
    • ‘So after breakfast I brush my teeth, gird my loins and set off into the mythical morning.’
    • ‘However he never gave up and continually sought to gird his loins with courage.’
    • ‘The ruse of hiding the newspapers no longer works because nowadays when they cannot find them they put two and two together and gird themselves for a funeral.’
    • ‘But I girded my loins and I gritted my teeth and I did it - with only a slight hint at tears welling up in my eyes.’