Definition of give birth in English:

give birth


  • Bear a child or young.

    ‘she gave birth to a son’
    • ‘she's due to give birth in March’
    • ‘I have a very young family and am only a few days out of hospital after giving birth to my youngest son Michael.’
    • ‘A grieving father is bringing up two children alone after his young wife died giving birth.’
    • ‘The common lizard is distributed throughout Britain and the female gives birth to live young.’
    • ‘In June, female bats congregate at a maternity roost to give birth and suckle their young.’
    • ‘One child answered that an amphibian is an animal that doesn't give birth to its young.’
    • ‘The campaigning women said mothers need more than just a place to give birth, especially young mums.’
    • ‘Helen is the fifth generation of all women on her maternal line and my younger sister gave birth to a baby girl this year as well.’
    • ‘When she gives birth, the young emerge as fully-developed, miniature replicas of the adults.’
    • ‘Even lower species of life such as snakes give birth to hundreds of young at one time.’
    • ‘Fears are growing for her health as she is due to give birth in just six weeks and has been suffering ill health.’
    labour, delivery, expected delivery, giving birth, birthing