Definition of give blood in English:

give blood


  • Allow blood to be removed medically from one's body in order to be stored for use in transfusions.

    ‘the willingness of thousands of donors to give blood’
    • ‘Last night the Department of Health said it was considering barring people who had previously received blood transfusions from giving blood - something which could affect one in 10 donors.’
    • ‘Local blood donors gave blood between 4.30 and 9 pm on both dates.’
    • ‘But why do so many of us, who do meet the requirements of the Blood Transfusion Service, not give blood?’
    • ‘Following a transfusion, patients are not allowed to give blood themselves for a year and Jenny has also been on medication and has not been able to donate.’
    • ‘If even 20% of people who are allowed to give blood did so, there still wouldn't be any shortage whatsoever.’
    • ‘The club has decided to give blood to the transfusion service as one of their club targets.’
    • ‘The Irish Blood Transfusion Service needs 3,000 volunteers every week to give blood.’
    • ‘Someone with blood group O has neither protein, so can only receive blood from another group O donor, but can give blood to any group.’
    • ‘Demand for blood and blood products continues to rise but the numbers giving blood regularly have dropped.’
    • ‘Sometimes people can never give blood and sometimes they are asked not to give blood for a specific time period.’