Definition of give chase in English:

give chase


  • Go in pursuit.

    ‘a patrol car gave chase and finally overtook him’
    • ‘The officers gave chase and finally caught up with the suspect vehicle as it came to a standstill in heavy city traffic.’
    • ‘Police gave chase, finally forcing the driver to pull off the road.’
    • ‘When the van refused to stop, police gave chase and the four men were shot during the pursuit.’
    • ‘As they were taking our details, word came through that it had been spotted by an eagle-eyed policeman 5 minutes away, and more police cars were now giving chase.’
    • ‘Soon, dozens of Beijing police vehicles were giving chase.’
    • ‘He saw about 20 police officers, some of them armed, rushing into the station before a man jumped over the barriers with police giving chase.’
    • ‘He kept pointing the gun at us but we kept giving chase.’
    • ‘Despite giving chase, the gang got away in a Land Rover bearing false plates and was never traced.’
    • ‘Catching sight of the killer, he gives chase, and in one of the film's best scenes is captured huffing and puffing through night-time Los Angeles in hot pursuit of the younger suspect.’
    • ‘A Police Car gives chase and manages to force her car to the side of the road.’
    chase, pursue, run after, follow, hunt, track, trail