Definition of give out in English:

give out

phrasal verb

  • 1Be completely used up.

    ‘their allowances soon gave out’
    • ‘The remote control batteries then gave out as soon as the machine entered the arena.’
    • ‘As he got there his energy reserves finally gave out and both legs failed and he fell, head first into the side of the car as he fell heavily beside it.’
    • ‘The money soon gave out and the proposed improvement had to be abandoned.’
    • ‘All went well with the family until about the middle of December, then the supplies gave out.’
    • ‘The food gave out the first day, and the dreadful cold was rendered more intense by the pangs of hunger.’
    run out, be used up, be consumed, be exhausted, be depleted, come to an end, fail, flag
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    1. 1.1Stop functioning.
      ‘he curses and swears till his voice gives out’
      • ‘He'll stop when his liver gives out or when he gets sick of being hungover.’
      • ‘He has always said that he started conducting in order to have something to do when his voice gave out, and his efforts on the podium are characteristically conscientious.’
      • ‘His voice gave out on the final syllable, his distressed croak fading abruptly into an almost inaudible squeak.’
      • ‘After, passing about ten doors, what seemed like forever, and when her legs were about to give out on her, they stopped at another door.’
      • ‘Hope you have loads of fun and your back doesn't give out too soon.’
      • ‘Fearing his memory may soon give out - although there is little sign of that - Mr Vickers, 89, decided to write down his memories of childhood.’
      • ‘You've noticed that your back and chest workouts suffer because your arms give out too soon.’
      • ‘His body began to give out, and soon he found himself unconscious again.’
      • ‘He continued jogging down the path, but his aching legs soon gave out again.’
      • ‘No wonder his heart eventually gave out, soon after his greatest electoral triumph in 1905.’
  • 2Irish Speak in an angry way.

    ‘the woman began giving out to poor Paddy’
    • ‘Tempers begin to flare and we all start giving out to the security lady.’
    • ‘Some people write letters to the papers and go on radio giving out about how ‘shocked’ they are that this is happening.’
    • ‘Now, people are giving out about those that drive too slow.’
    • ‘Some of the people I encountered there were giving out, claiming that it took about seven hours to get from Dublin by car.’
    • ‘Now the same deputies were giving out about cutbacks in administration.’