Definition of give something a miss in English:

give something a miss

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informal British
  • Decide not to do or have something.

    • ‘we decided to give the popcorn a miss’
    • ‘But, after waiting ten minutes without seeing any sign of a sweets menu, we decided to give it a miss.’
    • ‘We decided to give this area a miss, as it all seemed a bit confusing, and opted instead for a glide along the companionway at the side of the car-deck, with blue light flooding in from now glassless windows.’
    • ‘The Americans decided to give the island a miss.’
    • ‘Missing from the equation is Grandpa, who probably decided to give this movie a miss and stay in bed.’
    • ‘Even though the 19-year-old hearthrob has dedicated the tour to his fans as a thank - you for their support, he will be giving his home city a miss because it does not have a big enough venue.’
    • ‘I've considered giving the machine a miss, but I think that would be a cop out and I wouldn't feel right about that.’
    • ‘The Melbourne organisers have put together a men's challenge event to replace this week's world championship, but with considerably less prize money and no ranking points, the big players are understandably giving it a miss.’
    • ‘It's not somewhere you'd want to find yourself after dark (and maybe you'd feel safer giving it a miss during the day too).’
    • ‘They spawn in February and it's best to give them a miss for a few months after that, until about June when they start to fatten up again.’
    • ‘I would give them a miss in future despite their apparent value for money.’
    avoid, keep away from, stay away from, steer clear of, circumvent, give a wide berth to, keep at arm's length, fight shy of
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