Definition of gizmo in English:


(also gismo)

Pronunciation /ˈɡizmō/ /ˈɡɪzmoʊ/

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  • A gadget, especially one whose name the speaker does not know or cannot recall.

    • ‘the latest multimedia gizmo’
    • ‘Forget all the gadgets and gizmos, I want functionality.’
    • ‘How many electrical gadgets and gizmos do we really?’
    • ‘All the makeup artists we know swear by the brushes, gizmos and gadgets.’
    • ‘Taking off one of these gizmos recalls language used in airplane takeoffs.’
    • ‘The gizmos and gadgets inside are updated to include the latest technology.’
    • ‘When it comes right down to it though, perhaps you're better off not owning all these fancy gadgets and gizmos.’
    • ‘Magazines and books about photography and photographers, rather than gadgets and gizmos.’
    • ‘The endless stream of gadgetry and gizmos is impressive, if credulity-stretching.’
    • ‘So what determines which gizmos get developed and which gizmos get improved, and what improvements are made to them?’
    • ‘The computer is a gizmo, and it's a great gizmo, but it's not an ultimate gizmo.’
    • ‘We now have container security initiatives and all kinds of gizmos and ways to check what's loaded into the containers.’
    • ‘They measure by quantity and by gizmos and toys.’
    • ‘Not that the younger singers lack talent but that old magic is difficult to recreate even with all the gizmos and remixes that music channels belt out.’
    • ‘Alternatively, one can adapt many of the small, inexpensive, burglar alarm gizmos available at hardware stores.’
    • ‘Each home is brand-new and the luxury options include the latest in sound-and-vision technology and hidden electronic gizmos.’
    • ‘It's nice to know the extra gizmos are there, though.’
    • ‘Not that cheapest is best, but that you don't need all the gizmos to write a good book.’
    • ‘But is this the kind of brave new world you want to live in - where household gizmos are smarter and more articulate than most politicians?’
    • ‘So there are plastic lenses, the unbreakable scratchproof gizmos.’
    • ‘And because we're all so dependent on these gizmos, it has created a new ulterior reality that people get confused about all the time.’
    object, article, item, artefact, commodity


1940s (originally US): of unknown origin.