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  • 1Willingly or eagerly.

    ‘I would have gladly paid for it’
    • ‘He sounded almost put out about something most men would have gladly avoided.’
    • ‘Had I known my ample posterior would have caused such a stir I would gladly have done anything to be less brazen.’
    • ‘Any news, advertisements, views or opinions will be gladly received in our Westport office at Shop Street, Westport.’
    • ‘We will gladly issue a claim in your behalf with the carrier.’
    • ‘The Pacers gladly will trade sloppy losses now for a nice, long winning streak in April or May.’
    • ‘He has gladly offered the resources of his business for dozens of fundraising events.’
    • ‘He gladly joins Zatoichi in pursuit of their mutual passion for dice gambling.’
    • ‘He tells her that Torvald is not the only person who would gladly give his life for her.’
    • ‘Yet these very same Soldiers would gladly have died for him.’
    • ‘They would gladly participate less in plan administration in order to achieve this.’
    • ‘I gladly stepped aside for them to watch - this is their day.’
    • ‘She even markets a wonderful product herself, and she will gladly send you a sample.’
    • ‘I asked if she could oblige me with some milk and she gladly gave me some in my container.’
    • ‘He held out his arms and she went into them gladly.’
    • ‘The bed was clean, and there was a TV, which I would have gladly traded for a shower.’
    • ‘But despite her surprise, she gladly accepted him.’
    • ‘This is not a world that suffers fools gladly.’
    • ‘I may be paid to suffer fools, but I definitely don't have to do so gladly.’
    • ‘Oedipus orders Tiresias to leave, and Tiresias does so gladly, as he did not want to be there to begin with.’
    • ‘He responded well and gladly gave me enough material to work with.’
    with pleasure, happily, cheerfully
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    1. 1.1With pleasure or gratitude; happily.
      ‘she offered me a lift and I gladly accepted’
      • ‘A makeshift shop outside the gates of the cemetery gladly sold bundles to Ray.’
      • ‘In appreciation, The Japan Emergency Team will gladly display the logo of the sponsoring parties on the vehicle.’
      • ‘He gladly took the ride to the school, where he sat on a simple cot yesterday in the cafeteria.’
      • ‘We will gladly accept any water that they can send our way.’
      • ‘I bowed deeply and told him how grateful I felt to him, and how gladly I would accept his hospitality.’
      • ‘He asks her to dance, and she gladly accepts.’
      • ‘Anne offered us one of the lemons, which I gladly accepted - it smelled wonderful.’
      • ‘If you are unable to attend the charity event donations will be gladly accepted at any time by the Asdee ICA.’
      • ‘If it were really that easy to purchase the silence of writers, I'd gladly dip into personal savings to throttle a few.’
      • ‘I was gladly wrong.’
      • ‘I will gladly offer plenty of cheap publicity in return for a discount…’
      • ‘I gladly took the larger package out of the pile and handed it to him sending a warm smile.’
      • ‘"I really don't know what I did to deserve such kindness but I will gladly wrap myself in it," she chuckled.’
      • ‘She gladly accepted, and they planned a huge gala wedding at St. Patrick's.’



/ˈɡladlē/ /ˈɡlædli/