Definition of glanders in English:


plural noun

usually treated as singular
  • A rare contagious disease that mainly affects horses, characterized by swellings below the jaw and mucous discharge from the nostrils.

    This disease is caused by the bacterium Pseudomonas mallei

    ‘The Germans used anthrax and glanders against the horses and mules of the US Army and its Allies in World War I.’
    • ‘Work was in progress, too, on other agents like brucellosis and glanders as well as on chemicals against plants, classified at the time as a form of biological, not chemical, warfare.’
    • ‘In the first world war attempts were made to infect horses with glanders, and throughout history invading armies have poisoned wells and other water sources.’
    • ‘A closely related pathogen, namely B. mallei is an obligatory zoonotic parasite causing glanders, but it seems to have virtually disappeared from domesticated animals and humans, decades ago.’
    • ‘Aspiration of the abscesses grew B. mallei, the cause of glanders.’



/ˈɡlandərz/ /ˈɡlændərz/


Late 15th century from Old French glandre (see gland).