Definition of glandular in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɡlanjələr/ /ˈɡlændʒələr/

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  • Relating to or affecting a gland or glands.

    ‘The prostate specimen showed glandular and stromal hyperplasia.’
    • ‘In hypertrophie gastritis, there is usually considerable chronic inflammation and glandular atrophy.’
    • ‘Further studies are needed to more clearly define the association between oral contraceptives and glandular lesions.’
    • ‘This includes those of the parasympathetic nervous system in the heart, glandular tissue, and smooth muscle.’
    • ‘Typical cuboidal prostatic glandular epithelium lined most of the glands.’
    • ‘The true origin of the glandular neoplasms of the external ear canal is controversial.’
    • ‘Barrett's mucosa was reported if glandular mucosa was present in a biopsy sample from the oesophagus.’
    • ‘Tonsils are glandular tissue located on both sides of the throat.’
    • ‘The glandular epithelium secretes a mucoid fluid rich in glycogen.’
    • ‘The prostate is a glandular, fibromuscular organ that lies at the base of the bladder and surrounds the urethra.’
    • ‘HIV may manifest as a glandular fever-like illness with seroconversion.’
    • ‘Both squamous and glandular cancers can arise in the cervix.’
    • ‘The glandular epithelium resembles that seen in apocrine sweat glands.’
    • ‘All 8 previously reported cases and the present case showed a variable degree of glandular atrophy.’
    • ‘Normal and hyperplastic glandular epithelium present in the biopsies was counted as an internal control.’
    • ‘The diagnosis is made when elements of squamous or glandular differentiation cannot be proven.’
    • ‘In light of the cyst recurrence and the glandular tumor in the spleen, a distal pancreatectomy was performed.’
    • ‘Areas of glandular and squamous differentiation can be present.’
    • ‘Microscopically, the tumor is characterized by glandular or ductal structures with variable organization.’
    • ‘Histologically, the tumor showed glandular and solid architecture.’


Mid 18th century from French glandulaire, from glandule ‘gland’, from Latin glandulae (see gland).