Definition of glass harmonica in English:

glass harmonica


  • A musical instrument in which the sound is made by a row of rotating, concentric glass bowls, kept moist and pressed with the fingers or with keys. It was invented in 1761 by Benjamin Franklin and was popular until about 1830.

    ‘Introduction opens with a single synthesized flute, others gradually joining to create a sound reminiscent of the glass harmonica.’
    • ‘One of the most enjoyable aspects of this disc is that both films feature a period soundtrack, ranging from opera to the forgotten sounds of the glass harmonica.’
    • ‘The aquarium shimmers with life, and a glass harmonica adds a reflective sheen to the tank (Saint-Saëns actually just asked for harmonica, and no-one seems quite sure what precisely he meant).’
    • ‘Gluck learnt to play the violin and keyboard instruments, but his later appearances as a virtuoso were on the glass harmonica.’
    • ‘A co-worker was researching glass harmonicas (invented by Benjamin Franklin) and discovered the website for an actual manufacturer of the instrument.’


glass harmonica

/ɡlas härˈmänəkə/ /ɡlæs hɑrˈmɑnəkə/