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glide path

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  • 1An aircraft's line of descent to land, especially as indicated by ground radar.

    ‘A vasi can help identify the ideal glide path (usually three degrees).’
    • ‘The pilot descended on a normal glide path, normal sink rate, and touched down about 800 feet past brick one.’
    • ‘He eventually landed on the glide path monitor, causing damage to the tune of £15,000 and putting it out of action for several weeks.’
    • ‘So, does this mean we're not ‘on a glide path to success’?’
    • ‘We've thought for a long time that the paper is on a glide path toward irrelevance, but it is a bit shocking to learn that its former editor in chief agrees.’
    • ‘Then the piece would find its glide path to epilogue and finis.’
    • ‘But what if the economy fails to produce the job growth he needs for a glide path to re-election?’
    • ‘Intelligence does not move quickly, but at least on the right glide path.’
    • ‘If it's too much sink, it's time to alter your glide path to get out of the sink.’
    • ‘Planes could also land taking a curved approach rather than a straight approach down a specific runway glide path.’
    • ‘This is a funding level that, according to the administration, would support the railroad's glide path to operational self-sufficiency.’
    • ‘I use the flaps for glide path control, but I don't see the point of landing with full flaps on.’
    • ‘The next picture shows the spoilers added to the full span flaperons for glide path control.’
    trajectory, track, flight path, orbit, glide path, approach
    1. 1.1A series of events or actions leading smoothly to a particular outcome.
      ‘we are on a glide path to success’
      • ‘The apostles of integration had in mind a smooth glide path to monetary union.’
      • ‘Without a sharp course correction, the company is on a glide path to disaster.’
      • ‘We're on the glide path to be a real player.’
      • ‘Intelligence does not move quickly, but at least on the right glide path.’
      • ‘Only suddenly, on this glide path to easy immortality, there developed one little inconvenience.’
      • ‘Almost immediately, Campbell sensed that something was wrong in the city he had been told was "on the glide path to success."’
      • ‘In my mind, the biggest problem with Kerry's glide path to victory is that he's yet to prove he can take a punch.’
      • ‘There is an agreed timetable, a glide path, which will see a complete unilateral withdrawal in 12 months.’
      • ‘The economy has gotten into a strong upward glide path, the Treasury Secretary said in a Chicago speech.’
      • ‘These become the basis for a straightforward business calculation to what you need and the glide path to make sure you have the necessary capacity.’
      • ‘There's a growing consensus among analysts and economists that China's austerity programme has successfully put the economy on a glide path to a soft landing.’
      • ‘But if the Right continues on its present glide path, I will soon find it very hard to find any good reason to vote for them either.’
      • ‘E.J., it wasn't so long ago that we were imagining a Bush glide path to an easy nomination and Bradley and Gore tearing each other's throats out.’
      • ‘Continuing the present glide path virtually insures GM's and Ford's eventual sale to financially stronger and better positioned Asian and European competitors (remember Chrysler's fate).’
      • ‘Bill has now moved on to an associate role at another suburban megaparish and is on the glide path to retirement.’
      • ‘So, does this mean we're not " on a glide path to success "?’
      • ‘This can facilitate a glide path to exit for the retiree and set Gibney up to retain and grow their client base as well as gain key staff.’
      • ‘At base, Telecom is saying that a gentler glide path is needed because of the capital demands of building its XT network.’
      • ‘He has to basically hope that his two rivals stay in the race, continue to split the vote and then he gets on that glide path.’
      • ‘If Social Security and a defined-benefit plan will be a substantial part of your retirement income, you can afford a more aggressive glide path.’


glide path

/ˈɡlīd ˌpaTH/ /ˈɡlaɪd ˌpæθ/