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adjectiveadjective gloomier, adjective gloomiest

  • 1Dark or poorly lit, especially so as to appear depressing or frightening.

    ‘a gloomy corridor’
    • ‘The limo windows were tinted, making it appear dark and gloomy outside.’
    • ‘She thought of Mae to grant her some more confidence, as she approached the last door in the dark and gloomy corridor.’
    • ‘The supernatural thriller takes place in the gloomy, dark dismal backwoods outside New Orleans.’
    • ‘The room didn't appear gloomy or depressing, but it still had this certain aura of darkness wrapped around it.’
    • ‘For instance when its dark and gloomy you miss the sunshine so it depresses you.’
    • ‘We explored lots of gloomy, wet and dark alleys.’
    • ‘The sea is sparkling, the drowned city is dark, and gloomy.’
    • ‘They then scurried into the shadows provided in a dark and gloomy alley.’
    • ‘Our school is still fantastic inside but from the outside, with its boarded up windows, it appears gloomy, horrible and derelict.’
    • ‘Gradually he became an outcast, and on a dark gloomy day, he took a vow.’
    • ‘This morning, there has been no rain, but the sky still looks dark and gloomy.’
    • ‘Gone forever was the dark and gloomy look, to say nothing of slippery floors and stuffy odours.’
    • ‘The dark and gloomy colours of the works contrast with the whiteness of the hall's interior.’
    • ‘Or you might want to follow the route, looking for phantoms on a suitably dark and gloomy night.’
    • ‘This used to be a dark, gloomy platform with peeling paint on the walls and a grimy low ceiling.’
    • ‘If by now you imagine yourself spending your day in dark, gloomy caves, staring at bones, you can forget about it.’
    • ‘I believe it is still up there because otherwise it would be pitch dark instead of just gloomy.’
    • ‘Hesitating she stepped into the gloomy dark, dank hall.’
    • ‘He never noticed it before, but the door was dark and gloomy.’
    • ‘There was no light on up there, and it was very dark and gloomy.’
    dark, ill-lit, poorly lit, shadowy, sunless, dim, sombre, dingy, frowzy, drab, dismal, dreary, murky, depressing, unwelcoming, uninviting, cheerless, joyless, comfortless, funereal
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    1. 1.1Feeling distressed or pessimistic.
      ‘I am by no means gloomy about the prospects for domestic industry’
      • ‘It was a pivotal moment in his presidency, making him seem pessimistic and gloomy in an un-American fashion.’
      • ‘His films have become increasingly gloomy and pessimistic, even morbidly so.’
      • ‘One can only hope that such a gloomy view is unduly pessimistic.’
      • ‘Another day and another record broken by the Japanese economy, fuelling those pessimists who are increasingly gloomy about the world economy.’
      • ‘Those fearing a rise have tended to be dismissed by the government's supporters as pessimists with too gloomy a view on the economy.’
      • ‘So many people are pessimistic right now that the chances seem so gloomy.’
      • ‘Early reviews that helped shape this gloomy evaluation may have been overly pessimistic in their conclusions.’
      • ‘I was in quite a gloomy state, after a potential marriage prospect fell through.’
      • ‘‘Don't look so gloomy, Sean,’ he said.’
      • ‘And some of our guests were in a pretty gloomy mood.’
      • ‘She feels so gloomy, yet she did not know why?’
      • ‘He couldn't understand why he was feeling so gloomy today.’
      • ‘He could sense her gloomy mood, but knew better than to question her.’
      • ‘She's the one who always bring everyone down in a gloomy mood.’
      • ‘And then it came to him: that was why he was feeling gloomy.’
      • ‘Realising that the landscape was making her feel gloomier, she drew back the curtain and stood back.’
      despondent, downcast, downhearted, dejected, disconsolate, dispirited, crestfallen, cast down, depressed, disappointed, disheartened, discouraged, demoralized, desolate, heavy-hearted, in low spirits, low-spirited, sad, unhappy, glum, full of gloom, doleful, melancholy, miserable, woebegone, mournful, sorrowful, forlorn, long-faced, fed up, in the doldrums, subdued, wretched, lugubrious, Eeyorish, morose, sepulchral, saturnine, dour, mirthless, woeful
      pessimistic, depressing, downbeat, looking on the black side, disheartening, disappointing, dispiriting, unpromising, unfavourable, bleak, bad, dark, black, sombre, melancholy, saddening, distressing, grim, cheerless, comfortless, hopeless
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    2. 1.2Causing distress or depression.
      • ‘a gloomy atmosphere’



/ˈɡlo͞omē/ /ˈɡlumi/