Definition of glume in English:


Pronunciation /ɡlo͞om/ /ɡlum/


  • Each of two membranous bracts surrounding the spikelet of a grass (forming the husk of a cereal grain) or one surrounding the florets of a sedge.

    • ‘Water potential differences between the flag leaf, glumes, stem and grain were maintained as the water stress increased further (data not shown).’
    • ‘At the base of each spikelet, there is a pair of sterile glumes that surrounds a series of flowers (five to eight in number).’
    • ‘It can infect leaves, sheaths, glumes, and awns.’
    • ‘In the experiments in Table 1, pricking of an anther and the ovary induced dehiscence whereas cutting or piercing of the glumes did not.’
    • ‘The genes Hg and Hgb made the glume hairy.’


Late 18th century from Latin gluma ‘husk’.



/ɡlo͞om/ /ɡlum/