Definition of glycoside in English:



  • A compound formed from a simple sugar and another compound by replacement of a hydroxyl group in the sugar molecule. Many drugs and poisons derived from plants are glycosides.

    • ‘Covalent bonds between the anomeric hydroxyl of a cyclic sugar and the hydroxyl of a second sugar (or another alcohol containing compound) are termed glycosidic bonds, and the resultant molecules are glycosides.’
    • ‘Aloe emodin is found both free and as a glycoside in plants having increasing commercial importance, including aloe and senna.’
    • ‘The sweet flavor usually indicates the presence of carbohydrates, proteins, various sugars and glycosides.’
    • ‘Beta-sitosterol is the major phytosterol in higher plants along with its glycoside, beta-sitosterolin.’
    • ‘Flavonoid glycosides were also distributed in the other mesophyll tissues, although to a considerably lower extent, in agreement with other reports.’


Late 19th century from glyco-‘relating to sugar’, on the pattern of glucoside.