Definition of gnarl in English:



  • A rough, knotty protuberance, especially on a tree.

    ‘a blackthorn topped with a two-humped gnarl’
    • ‘Lady Peacemaker was surprised to find herself looking into the eyes of a human face composed entirely from the bumps and gnarls of the tree's trunk.’
    • ‘And because of its knots and gnarls it's worth even less at the chip-mill than plantation wood.’
    • ‘Chism's second installation, Heaven, Hell and the Garden, offered a glimpse of a fleshy gnarl of cloth through a trap door as you mounted a low platform to admire a tall painting of sturdy underbrush.’
    lump, bump, protuberance, projection, protrusion, bulge, swelling, knot, node, nodule, gnarl, growth, outgrowth, excrescence, carbuncle, tumour


Early 19th century back-formation from gnarled.