Definition of gnathic in English:



  • Relating to the jaws.

    • ‘Hominoids consist of seven dental and gnathic specimens, reviewed by Leakey and Walker.’
    • ‘Finally, snakes use gnathic (jaw-based) transport mechanisms, in which kinetic elements of the jaw apparatus are used to ratchet prey into and through the mouth.’
    • ‘To date no successful attempt has been made for high-precision reproduction of gnathic motion on the basis of the gathered data.’
    • ‘The study was conducted using a maxillomandibular model which simulated the shape and thickness of the gnathic mucosa, and the pressure displacement properties of healthy edentulous patients.’
    • ‘In gnathic bones, the pattern is characterized by the presence of significant amounts of sclerotic bone, however, bone trabeculae are discontinuous.’


Late 19th century from Greek gnathos ‘jaw’ + -ic.



/ˈnaθɪk/ /ˈneɪθɪk/