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  • Persistently worrying or distressing.

    ‘that gnawing pain in her stomach’
    • ‘gnawing doubts’
    • ‘The self-hatred grew into a constant, gnawing pain.’
    • ‘Here was a little piece of miserable, gnawing confirmation.’
    • ‘I suspect both sides have enlisted troops to satisfy gnawing uncertainties.’
    • ‘Every waking moment was filled by a gnawing hunger.’
    • ‘Jealousy gave him respite from gnawing pains of melancholy.’
    • ‘They pull fast ones to get legal prescriptions to alleviate the gnawing need for heroin or crack cocaine.’
    • ‘I like the gnawing dissatisfaction I carry home with me.’
    • ‘They both acknowledge a gnawing suspicion Condit knows more than he is saying.’
    • ‘OK, it is hard to completely avoid a sense of gnawing unease.’
    • ‘Most of her subjects took three years to find the work that finally quieted their gnawing sense of discontent.’
    • ‘I left the theater with the gnawing sense that a revered Broadway classic may have seen better days.’
    • ‘It felt like a gnawing hunger in the pit of my stomach.’
    • ‘He can't ignore the gnawing feeling that she was right.’
    • ‘His breath caught and his chest quivered as he acknowledged the gnawing fear.’
    • ‘The moors open up, the narrow, wooded valleys roll away and the gnawing lifestyle envy kicks in.’
    • ‘But underneath there is a gnawing mourning we must all tolerate.’
    • ‘I have a gnawing feeling that it was not particularly accurate.’
    • ‘What then must be the pangs inflicted by a gnawing conscience in eternity?’
    • ‘I had to exorcise, once and for all, that gnawing unease.’
    • ‘Instead of anticipation, however, what he felt was a gnawing insecurity and jealousy.’



/ˈnoiNG/ /ˈnɔɪŋ/ /ˈnäiNG/ /ˈnɑɪŋ/