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go about

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phrasal verb

  • 1go about somethingBegin or carry on with an activity.

    ‘you are going about this in the wrong way’
    • ‘The documentary follows Mandela as he goes about his day-to-day activities in Europe, Asia, Africa and America, to uncover this truly extraordinary man.’
    • ‘The king and queen went about their daily activities as calmly as possible, trying to mask their uneasiness.’
    • ‘By the time he was finished, the sun was up and the villagers were going about their daily activities.’
    • ‘As she goes about her mundane activities, she recalls episodes decades before that might have changed her life.’
    • ‘I went about my normal day in the shop, maybe a little busier than normal as it was leading up to Mother's Day weekend.’
    • ‘Only hours earlier, he had been going about his business as normal.’
    • ‘Publicity of this kind must be very harrowing for a normal, everyday woman going about her business.’
    • ‘They went about their task with commendable commitment, skill and enthusiasm.’
    • ‘The birds were singing and the townsfolk were going about their normal business.’
    • ‘Westin spoke to me from his New York office, and began by explaining how he went about his research.’
    • ‘He stood in the door as she went about making her breakfast.’
    set about, begin, embark on, make a start on, start, address oneself to, get down to, get to work on, get going on, undertake
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  • 2Sailing
    Change to an opposite tack.

    • ‘the yacht went about, and away toward France again’