Definition of go after in English:

go after

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phrasal verb

  • go after someone or somethingPursue someone or something.

    ‘he went after the burglars’
    • ‘we're both going after the same job’
    • ‘You don't just go after medium-sized guys, you go after the big guys.’
    • ‘Fritz Wolf and I found a small cluster of fighters east of the field and went after them.’
    • ‘They saw two large birds coming, and as the birds came in closer they went after the boys.’
    • ‘And that's why we're going to continue pursuing them and continue going after them, to bring them to justice.’
    • ‘But the Marines couldn't go after them, because they don't have enough troops to do it.’
    • ‘But they won't hesitate to go after Warner.’
    • ‘The store owner complains he was too coward to go after the robber.’
    • ‘The jury heard that when pub staff expelled Mr Briggs' group, Miss Green went after them and violence began again in the street.’