Definición de go ahead en inglés

go ahead

Traducir go ahead al español

verbo frasal

  • Proceed.

    ‘the project will go ahead’
    • ‘the government intends to go ahead with its tax cutting plans’
    • ‘He can't see the project going ahead without more investment in existing companies.’
    • ‘If it goes ahead, the project would be the first of its type in Britain.’
    • ‘The church warden was able to carry out a quick repair job and the service went ahead as planned.’
    • ‘If the plan goes ahead environmental improvements will also be carried out.’
    • ‘Residents on the street were angered by the scheme and launched a campaign to stop it going ahead.’
    • ‘The trial was postponed time after time, but eventually went ahead in early 2000.’
    • ‘If the deal went ahead, the combined group would employ more than 135,000 people.’
    • ‘The panel refused to grant the adjournment and went ahead with the hearing.’
    • ‘The transplant went ahead in early 2000, since when Nicola has made a great recovery.’
    • ‘The performance went ahead, but she was advised to cancel her trip and allow herself time to recuperate.’