Definition of go all the way in English:

go all the way


(also go the whole way)
  • 1Continue a course of action to its conclusion.

    ‘At the national convention two years ago, however, the leaders hesitated in going all the way in this direction.’
    • ‘Where there are those who presently maintain that the President may only serve a few years of his third-year term, and then gracefully retire; there are others of course, who maintain that he will go the whole way.’
    • ‘If the latter course is followed, why not go all the way and form a Triple Alliance.’
    • ‘Others have gone all the way by declaring that they can't support him.’
    • ‘The group didn't really play for six months although Rose and Dave were working on some material but they never went all the way with it.’
    • ‘When they do action, they go all the way.’
    • ‘Especially because they have advised him to go all the way without taking his coalition partners with him.’
    • ‘Many don't know if they want to work at an at-home job, or go all the way and start their own business.’
    • ‘Never play with insurrection, but when beginning it be aware that you must go all the way.’
    • ‘If you're going to be charging everyone else involved, you might as well go all the way.’
    1. 1.1 informal Have sex with someone.
      • ‘remember the night we went all the way?’
      • ‘But he reminds me of a tease who acts interested yet won't go all the way.’
      • ‘If you're willing to go all the way, here are a few helpful hints.’
      • ‘What a relief that must have been, not having to tie yourself up for life just because you wanted to go all the way.’
      • ‘Plus he doesn't go all the way with a girl on the first date, so he was a pretty safe bet.’
      • ‘I was sitting on a couch between two couples who were this close to going all the way.’