Definition of go back in English:

go back

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phrasal verb

  • 1(of a clock) be set to an earlier standard time, especially at the end of daylight saving time.

    ‘the clocks went back last weekend’
    • ‘By now even the most unobservant should have realised that British Summer Time is dead and that clocks have gone back one hour.’
    • ‘The clocks have gone back, summer is over and many of us are dusting off our electric blankets ready for the long cold nights.’
    • ‘It sometimes feels like the clocks have gone back to a time before women protested at being seen as just sex objects.’
    • ‘So the clocks have gone back and it was dark, it seemed by mid afternoon, yesterday, halloween is over and for me it is now winter.’
    • ‘The clocks have gone back, it's getting colder and driving conditions are about to get a great deal tougher.’
    • ‘The clocks have gone back, the nights are drawing in - don't get miserable, get a tan.’
    • ‘The clocks go back tomorrow night and we all get an extra hour in bed on Sunday morning.’
  • 2(of two people) have known each each for a specified, typically long, period of time.

    ‘Victor and I go back longer than I care to admit’
    • ‘‘Your mother and I go back a long way,’ Finn said.’