Definition of go-devil in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɡōˌdevəl/ /ˈɡoʊˌdɛvəl/


historical North American
  • 1A crude sled, used chiefly for dragging logs.

    • ‘Attention, during all the trips a carer/guide is present, both on the go-devils and bicycles.’
  • 2A jointed apparatus for cleaning pipelines.

    ‘At present neither go-devil can sample formation fluids, but it should be feasible to develop this capability.’
    • ‘Certain tools can work as a go-devil because their diameter is very close to 3.75 in.’
    • ‘The ends of said body are adapted to the inner cross-section of the conduit in such a way that the outside of the go-devil tightly rests on the inside of the conduit over the entire circumference thereof.’