Definition of go Dutch in English:

go Dutch


  • Share the cost of something, especially a meal, equally.

    • ‘when we go out for a meal or on holiday we share the cost and go Dutch’
    • ‘thanks to equality we go Dutch on the bill’
    • ‘Then again, he's probably terrified this will encourage other nice restaurants to adopt this practice, which means the end of going Dutch on dates.’
    • ‘In effect, it would amount to going Dutch in a month.’
    • ‘And more to the point, I'm very strict about going Dutch, so that's even more money.’
    • ‘I've resolved that this government should go Dutch.’
    • ‘Logically the following may be a good idea: a female job-loser and a male manager dine together and then they go Dutch.’
    • ‘She makes up for it by insisting on going Dutch on less formal occasions and making us dinner at her place fairly often.’
    • ‘I mean, if you ever date one, go Dutch, or you'll be spending the rest of your life working off the debt.’
    • ‘The net result, Germany, which was sailing with a 1-lead, had to accept the rival's credo: go Dutch!’
    • ‘I'll pay for it, or we'll go Dutch, if that offends your sensitivities.’
    • ‘Will Tottenham go Dutch with their summer transfer targets?’
    split, divide, go halves in, go halves with