Definition of go far in English:

go far

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  • 1Achieve a great deal.

    ‘he was the bright one, and everyone was sure he would go far’
    • ‘He has dyslexia and therefore he didn't not go far in school having achieved only grade 3 by the age of 14.’
    • ‘It explained, in particular, that the establishment of an international tribunal would go far toward the achievement of this aim.’
    • ‘I like the idea, but I'm not sure he's going far on that.’
    • ‘And I am sure she'll go far, if the sound thrashing I received is anything to go by.’
    • ‘William is said to be a genuinely nice guy, who will I'm sure, go far.’
    be successful, succeed, prosper, flourish, thrive, get on, get on in the world, make good, make one's way in the world, make headway, make progress, gain advancement, climb the ladder of success, rise in the world, set the world on fire
    be successful, succeed, be a success, do well, do well for oneself, do all right for oneself, make progress, achieve a great deal, get on, get somewhere, get on in the world, get ahead, advance oneself, make good, set the world on fire
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  • 2Be worth or amount to much.

    ‘the money would not go far at this year's prices’
    • ‘But McLean says that money likely won't go far, and similar problems will undoubtedly dog other communities in the future.’
    • ‘But because the loans are small, sometimes $50 or $100, the money goes far.’
    • ‘That's a lot of money to spend on the economy, and it goes far in restaurants and shops in Misawa City and other towns outside the base.’
    • ‘Independent research commissioned by A1 Grand Prix suggests it is a concept that could go far and bring in big applauded in principle. But does it go far enough and will people actually pay IBM to take away their old machines?’
  • 3Contribute greatly.

    ‘a book that goes far toward bridging the gap’
    • ‘In doing so, the Los Angeles Times noted, he goes far toward ‘uncovering a new thesis about where American pop culture is heading.’’
    • ‘Indeed, Menand's enthusiasm for commercialism and pop culture goes far toward explaining why his work seems so acquiescent.’
    • ‘This arrangement goes far toward reducing the characteristic unsightly bulge and, as I was to learn later, eliminates any tendency of the rig to change positions once in place.’
    • ‘Your modeling of these behaviors goes far toward encouraging them in your child.’
    • ‘Ficino's contributions went far beyond those he gave directly to astrology.’